Some pedicure treatments

Some pedicure treatments - FOOTSCRUBS
Some pedicure treatments

Once upon a time, there was a spa that was famous for its pedicure treatments. The spa offered various treatments, from fancy nail polish to luxurious massages. However, something was missing – a crucial ingredient that would make the pedicures complete. Customers complained that their feet still felt rough and calloused after the treatments.

One day, a brilliant idea came to the spa owner’s mind. She decided to add a new treatment: foot scrubs! The scrubs were made of all-natural ingredients and had the perfect texture to gently exfoliate the feet.

At first, the other employees thought the idea was crazy. Why would anyone want to scrub their feet? But soon, the customers began to rave about the new treatment. Their feet felt softer and smoother than ever before.

The spa owner was proud of her innovative idea and decided to spread the word. She started advertising the foot scrubs in local newspapers and even created a crossword puzzle with the clue “Some pedicure treatments.” The answer, of course, was “FOOTSCRUBS.”

Now, people all over town know that the spa offers the best pedicure treatments with foot scrubs. And the crossword puzzle? It’s become a popular activity for spa customers to do while they wait for their appointments.