Stuck on a Golfing Attire Clue? Find the Answer Here!

Stuck on a Golfing Attire Clue? Find the Answer Here! - SKORTS
Some golfing attire

Once upon a time, there was a woman named Sarah who loved both golfing and fashion. She often struggled to find the right attire that both felt comfortable and looked stylish on the golf course. One day, while browsing a sports store, Sarah came across a unique clothing item – a combination of a skirt and shorts called a skort.

Intrigued, she tried it on and was amazed at how comfortable and practical it was for playing golf. The skort allowed her to move around freely without worrying about her skirt riding up or shorts being too revealing. She bought a couple of skorts and wore them on her next golfing outing.

After the game, Sarah couldn’t stop talking about her newfound love for skorts to her fellow golfers. They, too, were impressed and wanted to try one out. Soon enough, many golfers started wearing skorts on the course, and it became a popular choice for women who wanted to look chic and athletic.

The crossword clue ‘Some golfing attire’ refers to skorts because they have become a staple clothing item for female golfers. Thanks to Sarah’s discovery, skorts have become the perfect combination of style and function for any golf enthusiast.