Social blunder

Social blunder - GAFFE
Social blunder

Once upon a time, there was a village where each family wanted to impress and show off their wealth and status. They decided to host a grand party to showcase their lavish lifestyle. All the villagers were excited and dressed their best for the party.

The first guest to arrive was a young man named Gaffe. He was not from the village, but he was very friendly and polite. As he arrived, he complimented the hosts and said, “I can’t wait to see the famous ‘Lobster Vol-au-vents’ and the ‘Vintage Champagne’ that everyone is talking about.”

The hosts, however, were embarrassed because they had not prepared those dishes. They exclaimed, “Oh no! We forgot to order the lobster and champagne. What a social blunder!” The whole village was talking about it and it ruined their celebrations.

From that day on, whenever someone in the village made a silly mistake or social blunder, they would be called a ‘Gaffe.’ And that’s how the word ‘Gaffe’ became synonymous with social blunders.