Soap that’s said to be “99 44/100% pure”

Soap that’s said to be “99 44/100% pure” - IVORY
Soap that's said to be "99 44/100% pure"

Once upon a time, there was a small village where people loved to make soap. One day, a soap maker named Ivory arrived in the village with a mysterious formula for making soap that would make your skin soft and clean. Everyone was curious to know the secret behind his special soap, but Ivory would never reveal it.

One day, as the village mayor was reading a newspaper, he came across a mysterious clue in the crossword puzzle. It read, “Soap that’s said to be ’99 44/100% pure'”. None of the villagers could figure out the answer, and the mayor was determined to find out. He went to Ivory and asked him if he knew the answer to the crossword clue.

Ivory smiled and handed the mayor a bar of soap with the word “IVORY” carved into it. “This is the answer,” he said. “My soap is the one that’s 99 44/100% pure.”

The mayor was amazed! The secret formula for the special soap was now revealed. Everyone in the village started using Ivory’s soap, and their skin started to glow like never before. They knew that Ivory’s soap was truly special and that its purity was what made it so effective.

From that day on, Ivory became famous all over the world for his 99 44/100% pure soap. The villagers were proud of their fellow soap maker and boasted about their famous village soap wherever they went. To this day, Ivory’s soap and its famous purity are still remembered and used by people all over the world.