Stuck on ‘Soak up the sun’ clue? Unlock the answer here!

Stuck on ‘Soak up the sun’ clue? Unlock the answer here! - BASK
Soak up the sun

Greetings! The answer to the crossword clue “Soak up the sun” is the word “BASK.”

BASK is a verb that means to lie or sit, exposed to the sun, in order to warm oneself or to benefit from the sun’s rays. It is commonly used in association with reptiles, such as lizards or snakes, as they are cold-blooded animals that rely on the sun’s warmth to regulate their body temperature and maintain their health.

Basking is also a common human activity, especially when at the beach or poolside. People lay down towels or mats, apply sunscreen, and then bask in the sun’s rays as they soak up some of that much-needed vitamin D.

In literary and figurative contexts, BASK may be used to mean “enjoy oneself in a luxurious or relaxing way.” For example, “She basked in the admiration of her colleagues” or “We basked in the glory of our team’s victory.”

So there you have it! “BASK” is the perfect word to describe the act of soaking up the sun, whether you’re a lizard on a rock or a person on a beach.