Stumped by ‘So Inconsiderate!’ Crossword? Get the Answer Here!

Stumped by ‘So Inconsiderate!’ Crossword? Get the Answer Here! - RUDE
"So inconsiderate!"

Once upon a time, there was a kind and considerate lady named Rose. She lived in a small town and was loved by everyone for her caring nature. She would always greet people with a smile and offer her help whenever needed.

One day, while Rose was walking in the park, she saw a group of teenagers making fun of an old man. They were laughing loudly and didn’t care about the old man’s feelings. Rose felt sad and disappointed by their behavior. She went up to them and said, “That was so inconsiderate of you. How would you like it if someone made fun of you like that?

The teenagers didn’t pay any attention to her and continued their rude behavior. Rose felt upset and decided to leave the park. As she walked away, she remembered a crossword puzzle she had been working on earlier that day. One of the clues was “So inconsiderate!” and the answer was “RUDE.” That’s when she realized that the crossword clue perfectly described the teenagers’ behavior.

From that day on, Rose remembered the crossword clue and used it whenever she saw someone acting inconsiderately. She would say, “That’s so RUDE!” and it became her catchphrase. Eventually, the whole town picked up on it and started saying it too. And so, a simple crossword clue helped spread kindness and consideration throughout the town.