Stumped on ‘Smart!’? Discover the Surprising Solution Now!

Stumped on ‘Smart!’? Discover the Surprising Solution Now! - VERYCLEVER

Certainly, I’ll be happy to explain the answer “VERYCLEVER”.

In the context of crosswords, “Smart!” could mean something like “Impressively intelligent!” or “Incredibly astute!“. To answer this clue, we need a descriptive term or phrase that conveys this sense of intelligence and cleverness. That’s where “VERYCLEVER” comes in.

VERYCLEVER” is a combination of two words that together express the idea of being exceptionally smart or clever. “Very” is an intensifier that increases the degree or intensity of something. In this case, it emphasizes the level of intelligence or cleverness being described. “Clever“, on the other hand, means having or showing quick wit or intelligence.

So, “VERYCLEVER” means extremely intelligent or impressively astute. It’s a fitting answer to the clue “Smart!” as it accurately captures the sense of intelligence and cleverness that the clue requires.

To summarize, “VERYCLEVER” is a term that describes a high level of intelligence or cleverness, and is a great answer to the clue “Smart!“.