Stuck on Your Crossword? Crack the Clue: Small Fragment

Stuck on Your Crossword? Crack the Clue: Small Fragment - SNIP
Small fragment

Once upon a time, there was a tailor who had a difficult time cutting small fragments of fabric for his clients. He tried using scissors, but it was still a challenge. One day, an old friend who happened to be a hairdresser, paid him a visit. The tailor saw him cutting hair with a pair of small and sharp scissors and asked him if he could borrow them. The hairdresser lent him the scissors, and the tailor was surprised at how easy it was to cut small pieces of fabric with them. From then on, he kept those scissors with him and never had trouble again. Whenever he needed to cut small fragments of fabric, he would reach for the hairdressing scissors in his drawer and SNIP! He’d make the perfect cut. Soon, other tailors in town started doing the same and using hairdressing scissors as well, and even though the hairdressers were happy to share their secret, they could never have predicted that their scissors would become famous as “snippers” in the tailoring industry, and later on, as an answer to a popular crossword clue!