Stuck on a Crossword Puzzle? Crack the Clue: ‘Slovenly Sort’

Stuck on a Crossword Puzzle? Crack the Clue: ‘Slovenly Sort’ - SLOB
Slovenly sort

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The answer to the clue “Slovenly sort” is SLOB. Essentially, a slob is someone who is careless or untidy in the way they present themselves or their surroundings.

For example, if someone always leaves their clothes on the floor and never picks up after themselves, they might be considered a slob. Alternatively, if someone constantly eats messy food and doesn’t clean up after themselves, that too might be considered slovenly behavior.

The word “slob” actually comes from an Old English word that referred to mud or slime, and over time it came to mean someone who was similarly untidy or unclean. Of course, not everyone who has an untidy room or forgets to do their laundry is a slob, but it’s definitely a word used to describe people who habitually neglect cleanliness or presentation.

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