Sketchy boardwalk offering?

Sketchy boardwalk offering? - CARICATURE
Sketchy boardwalk offering?

As a detective trying to unravel the mystery of the ‘Sketchy boardwalk offering’ clue, I start by analyzing the words given. The use of the word ‘Sketchy’ indicates that the answer may be something that is not quite right or dubious. The word ‘boardwalk’ narrows down the possibilities to something that is typically found in such an area, perhaps an amusement park or fair. I then consider the meaning of the word ‘offering’, which suggests that whatever the answer is, it is something that is provided or available for purchase.

At this point, my mind immediately jumps to the idea of caricatures that are often seen in boardwalks or fairs. These sketches are known for exaggerating and distorting the physical features of the subject in a humorous or satirical way, which fits the ‘Sketchy’ and playful nature of the clue. Moreover, as they are typically available for purchase, the answer ‘CARICATURE’ fits perfectly into the context of the clue.

In conclusion, the key to solving this crossword puzzle was a combination of understanding the meaning of the words used in the clue and deciphering the implied context behind them. By analyzing the words carefully and drawing from my knowledge of common boardwalk attractions, I was able to quickly deduce that the answer to the clue was indeed ‘CARICATURE.’