Sign of things to come

Sign of things to come - OMEN
Sign of things to come

Once upon a time, there was a small rural town. The people of the town were very superstitious and believed in signs and omens. One day, a great storm swept through the town, causing extensive damage. The residents were afraid and unsure of what might happen next.

As they were cleaning up the debris and assessing the damage, one of the town elders noticed a crow sitting atop a nearby tree. The elder knew that crows were often associated with death and this made the townspeople even more uneasy.

The elder then turned to the town’s wise woman and inquired about the meaning of the crow’s presence. The wise woman replied, “It is an omen, a sign of things to come.” This simple yet powerful statement stuck with the townspeople, and they waited, anticipating what was to happen next.

Sure enough, the next day, a group of bandits came to town, hoping to pillage and plunder. The town was ready for them and managed to fend off the attackers. They realized that the crow was indeed a sign of things to come, an omen that foretold the danger that was to befall the town.

From that day forward, whenever a strange occurrence happened, the people of the town would refer to it as an “omen.” And so, the crossword clue “Sign of things to come” became synonymous with the word “omen,” reminding people of the importance of paying attention to signs and staying prepared for what might lie ahead.