Shot in the dark

Shot in the dark - STAB
Shot in the dark

Once upon a moonless night, there was a crime scene at an old mansion on top of a hill. The detectives were looking for clues to solve the murder case of an eccentric millionaire. Suddenly, one of the detectives shouted, “I have a shot in the dark, but what if the murderer used a knife to stab the victim?”.

All of the other detectives stared at him in amazement. It was a plausible theory, and the group began to search for any evidence that would support it. After a few moments, they found a bloodstained knife hidden under a pillow in the victim’s bedroom. It was the breakthrough they needed to crack the case.

From then on, every time the detectives were stuck, they referred back to the detective’s original ‘Shot in the dark’ theory that saved the investigation. They understood that sometimes even the wildest guesses can lead to the most unexpected solutions. One day, one of the detectives used the crossword puzzle to express his appreciation for the ingenious idea that ultimately led them to uncover the truth. He posed the clue ‘Shot in the dark‘ and the answer was ‘STAB‘. And that’s how the crossword clue ‘Shot in the dark’ became associated with its answer ‘STAB’.