“Shoot over a message sometime”

“Shoot over a message sometime” - EMAILME
"Shoot over a message sometime"

Once upon a time, there was a busy businessman named Jack. He worked long hours and rarely had time to catch up with his friends and family. One day, his best friend Alex called him up and said, “Hey Jack, we haven’t spoken in ages! Shoot over a message sometime.”

Jack realized that he hadn’t even had time to call or text Alex back in weeks, so he came up with a plan. Instead of burdening himself with another item on his never-ending to-do list, Jack decided to send Alex an email.

As Jack eagerly typed out his message, he realized how easy and convenient it was to communicate via email. He could take his time to craft a thoughtful response and send it off whenever he had a free moment. Jack felt relieved to have found a solution to staying in touch with his loved ones while still managing his busy schedule.

From then on, Jack made a point to tell everyone who asked him to “shoot over a message” to simply “email me.” And thus, the crossword clue was born – a nod to the power and convenience of email communication in our modern world.