Shoo with a “Boo!”

Shoo with a “Boo!” - SCAREAWAY
Shoo with a "Boo!"

When I saw the clue “Shoo with a ‘boo!‘,” I immediately thought of something that makes you want to run away or get scared. It brought to mind the image of a scary monster popping out and yelling “Boo!” to frighten someone. Using this idea, I began to think of various phrases associated with scaring away, like “scare off,” “frighten away,” and “terrify off.” After researching and trying out various words that fit the number of spaces, I eventually came to the answer “SCAREAWAY.” It perfectly captures the concept of “shooing” something away by scaring it. Overall, I had to be creative and think beyond the literal meaning of the clue to arrive at the correct answer. It was definitely a fun challenge!