Shirks - AVOIDS

Once upon a time, there was a little snail named Sammy. Sammy was notorious in the garden for always finding ways to avoid doing any work. When the other snails were out munching on leaves, Sammy would be hiding in his shell or pretending to be asleep.

One day, the garden was invaded by a gang of hungry beetles who were looking for a feast. All of the snails were frantically trying to escape, but Sammy saw an opportunity to finally prove his worth. He knew he couldn’t outrun the beetles, so he started to use his quick wit to avoid them.

He would hide behind flowers, roll into tight balls, and even fake his own death to throw the beetles off his trail. Eventually, the beetles grew tired and gave up their search, leaving a relieved Sammy and his snail friends unharmed.

From that day on, Sammy’s reputation as a shirker turned to one of a clever and resourceful snail who knew how to avoid danger. And so, whenever someone needed to find the perfect word to describe shirking behavior, they thought of Sammy and his quick thinking.