Stumped by a Crossword: Unlocking the Mystery of ‘Shape or Edge, Say’

Stumped by a Crossword: Unlocking the Mystery of ‘Shape or Edge, Say’ - LANDSCAPE
Shape or edge, say

Once upon a time, in a quaint little village by the foot of a mountain range, there was an old painter named Mr. Grey. He was an artist who loved to paint landscapes. Mr. Grey would spend hours wandering around the hills and valleys, searching for the perfect view. He would then sit on his stool and start to paint. Everyone who saw his paintings admired how realistic they were and how they beautifully depicted the mountains and the fields.

One day, a local newspaper held a crossword competition. The prize was a large sum of money, and Mr. Grey could not ignore the opportunity. He started to tackle the crossword puzzle, but one clue proved to be a challenge: “Shape or edge, say.” Mr. Grey had no idea what the answer could be. He thought and thought, but nothing came to mind.

Days turned into weeks, and the competition was soon to end. Mr. Grey was despondent. He was about to give up when he remembered something. He recalled how he always saw the mountains as shapes or edges that were naturally formed by the landscape. The mountains were not straight lines, but they were jagged, as if they were intentionally shaped. And then it finally hit him. The answer to the crossword puzzle was “LANDSCAPE.”

Mr. Grey submitted his answer, and to his delight, he won the competition! He soon received his prize, and the villagers celebrated his victory. And from that moment on, whenever Mr. Grey painted a landscape, he remembered that sometimes the shapes and edges in nature are what inspire us to create remarkable things.