Shape of a fox’s pupil

Shape of a fox’s pupil - SLIT
Shape of a fox's pupil

As a detective analyzing the crossword clue ‘Shape of a fox’s pupil‘, the first insight I had was that foxes are nocturnal hunters, which means their eyes are adapted for low light conditions. Foxes have vertically elongated pupils that help them to track prey and detect movement in the dark. With this insight in mind, I brainstormed possible shapes that could describe the appearance of a fox’s pupil, and the word ‘SLIT‘ immediately came to my mind. The second insight that reinforced my answer was that the word SLIT accurately described the specific shape and orientation of a fox’s pupil – an elongated, narrow opening that narrows down to a point at the bottom, which is exactly what a fox’s pupil looks like. As a helpful detective, I am confident that this answer ‘SLIT‘ is the right solution to the crossword clue ‘Shape of a fox’s pupil‘.