Sets up tents

Sets up tents - ENCAMPS
Sets up tents

Once upon a time, there was a young man named Jack who just loved camping. Every weekend, he would pack his camping gear and venture into the wilderness. One day, Jack decided to invite his friends to join him for a camping trip. He carefully planned everything, from the location to the meals to the activities.

When Jack and his friends arrived at the campsite, they found that it was completely empty. There were no tents, no fire pit, and no supplies whatsoever. Jack knew that he had to act fast and set up the campsite before nightfall. He quickly got to work, setting up the tents and organizing the supplies.

As he worked, Jack realized that what he was doing was exactly what the crossword clue ‘Sets up tents’ was looking for. He was encamping! He smiled to himself, feeling accomplished and proud of his work. And when his friends arrived, they were amazed by how perfectly Jack had set up the campsite.

From that day on, Jack became known as the master of encamping. He led many successful camping trips, always making sure to encamp properly before settling in for the night. And whenever he came across the word ‘ENCAMPS’ in a crossword puzzle, he would smile and think back to that first camping trip with his friends.