Beat the competition: Solving the ‘Set the Pace’ Crossword Clue

Beat the competition: Solving the ‘Set the Pace’ Crossword Clue - LED
Set the pace

Once upon a time, there were three friends – a tortoise, a hare, and a squirrel. They loved to race each other all the time. One day, the hare boasted that he could set the pace for the race and easily win. The tortoise and the squirrel did not believe him, but they agreed to give the hare a chance to prove his words.

The hare started running faster than anyone else. The other animals struggled to keep up with him and soon fell behind. But then, the squirrel found an acorn on the ground and stopped to pick it up. The tortoise, on the other hand, kept on going and slowly but steadily, started catching up to the hare.

As they got closer to the finish line, the tortoise was right behind the hare. Sensing that he might not win the race, the hare stumbled and accidentally hit a branch sticking out of the ground. He fell to the side, giving the tortoise the opportunity to slide past him and finish the race first.

From that day forward, the tortoise became known as the one who set the pace. He showed everyone that it was not about speed, but about consistency and determination. And every time someone mentioned “Set the pace” in a crossword puzzle, everyone in the animal kingdom knew that the answer was “LED” – because that’s what the tortoise did, he led the way to victory by setting the pace.