See 54-Across

See 54-Across - SASSE
See 54-Across

Once upon a time, there was a crossword enthusiast named Amelia. She loved nothing more than filling in the blanks and completing the grid. One day, as she was working on a particularly challenging puzzle, she came across a clue that stumped her: “See 54-Across.”

Amelia scoured the grid for a number “54,” but to no avail. Frustrated, she was about to give up on the clue entirely when she noticed a tiny arrow pointing to the corner of the puzzle. Curious, she followed it and found a small note written in the margin that read: “Look to the stars.”

Amelia gazed up at the sky, wondering what it could all mean. Suddenly, a shooting star streaked across the sky, drawing her attention to the constellation Cassiopeia. It was then that she realized the true meaning of the clue. “Sasse” was an anagram for “Cassiopeia!” She quickly filled in the answer and completed the puzzle with a sense of pride and joy.

From that day forward, whenever Amelia encountered a similar clue, she always kept her eyes peeled for hidden hints and clues. And she was grateful for the reminder that sometimes, the answers are quite literally written in the stars.