See 22-Across

See 22-Across - SUITED
See 22-Across

As a detective, the first thing to note when looking at a crossword puzzle clue is to understand the structure of the puzzle. In this case, there is another clue referenced at 22-Across, which means that the answer to this clue is somehow related to, or compliments, the answer to 22-Across. With this in mind, I proceed to look at 22-Across and try to decipher the clue. It reads, “Dressed appropriately,” which leads me to consider words like “dressy,” “formal,” “proper,” or “well-suited.”

After considering each of these words, it becomes apparent that “suited” fits the clue perfectly. Not only does it mean “dressed appropriately,” but it also directly relates to the term “well-suited” previously considered, which is often used to describe dressing appropriately for a certain event or occasion. Additionally, “suited” can also mean “matching,” which fits with the idea of complementing 22-Across’s answer.

With all this in mind, I confidently fill in the answer as “SUITED,” knowing that it not only fits the structure of the puzzle but also fulfills the given clue in a clear and precise way.