Stumped on 20-Across? Get the answer and impress your friends!

Stumped on 20-Across? Get the answer and impress your friends! - OHIO
See 20-Across

As a detective, my first instinct is to look at the surrounding clues for context and potential leads. In this case, I’d start by examining 20-Across, which seems to be the key to unlocking the mystery. After scanning the remaining clues, I notice that several of them seem to relate to locations within the United States, including “U.S. state,” “New England university,” and “Texas city.” This suggests that 20-Across might also be a location within the United States.

Next, I take a closer look at the letters in the clue itself. “See” could be interpreted as a directive to look elsewhere in the crossword for more information, so I scan the other clues for a connection. Eventually, I come across the clue “Cleveland’s state,” which immediately brings to mind Ohio. Sure enough, when I look at the grid, the letters in 20-Across fit perfectly with O-H-I-O.

In summary, by using context clues and examining the letters in the clue itself, I am able to deduce that 20-Across must be a location in the United States, and then use other clues to narrow it down to Ohio. Ultimately, it’s careful observation and a willingness to consider each clue from multiple angles that leads me to the correct answer.