Stumped by a Crossword Clue? See 114-Across for the Answer!

Stumped by a Crossword Clue? See 114-Across for the Answer! - MERGES
See 114-Across

Once upon a time, there were two bustling towns, separated by a narrow river. The townsfolk of each place jealously guarded their way of life and rarely crossed the river to visit their neighbors. They stubbornly held onto their traditions and refused to change.

One day, a terrible drought struck the region and the river began to dry up. The people of both towns were in a panic- they knew that they wouldn’t be able to survive for long without the water they needed. However, no one knew what to do.

Just as all seemed lost, a wise woman appeared. She announced that in order to save themselves, the towns had to merge into one community. At first, the people balked – how could they give up their identity? But the wily woman had a plan. She presented a giant jigsaw puzzle to the towns and instructed them to put it together.

As the townspeople worked on the puzzle, they realized that they were stronger together than they ever would be apart. They discovered commonalities that they had never known about before, shared skills that complemented each other, and most of all they found a sense of unity that they never would have found separated.

Finally, after many days, the puzzle was complete- each piece merging perfectly with the others. The townspeople looked up from the puzzle and saw the river flowing again. It had never looked so beautiful. From that day on, the people of the towns lived together in harmony and joy, and the river remained full and vibrant.

So you see, the answer to the crossword clue ‘See 114-Across’ is ‘MERGES’ because it represents the joining together of two things in order to create something better. In this case, the merging of two towns helped them survive in a time of crisis, and ultimately thrive.