Scottish girl

Scottish girl - LASS
Scottish girl

Once upon a time in the beautiful highlands of Scotland, a young girl named Fiona was playing outside when a mischievous little lamb ran off into the fields. Fiona chased after it, determined to bring it back to its family. As she wandered through the fields, she stumbled upon a magical fairy who asked her what she was looking for. Fiona explained her predicament, and the fairy smiled and said, “You are a brave lass to go after that lamb on your own.

Fiona was confused, “What does lass mean exactly?

The fairy explained that it’s a Scottish word for a young girl, just like her. From that day on, Fiona was known as the brave little lass who saved the lost lamb. And whenever she saw the clue ‘Scottish girl‘ in a crossword puzzle, she knew the answer had to be ‘lass‘.

And that’s the story of how one little girl’s bravery and a helpful fairy helped create a connection between the crossword clue ‘Scottish girl‘ and the answer ‘lass‘.