Scheme - PLOT

Once upon a time, there was a mischievous fox named Felix who lived deep in the forest. One day, he stumbled upon a group of rabbits and decided to play a trick on them. He pretended to be their long lost friend and gained their trust. Over the next few days, Felix learned about their burrow and their daily routines.

Then one morning, he led the rabbits on an adventurous journey to a nearby meadow. While the rabbits were distracted by the beautiful flowers and juicy carrots, Felix snuck away and hurried back to their burrow. He had a devious plan in mind.

Felix dug up all their carrots and covered the entrance of their burrow with twigs and leaves. He knew that the rabbits would try to enter the burrow at dusk, but would get confused and lost. They would be too weak to search for food at night and would become easy prey for other predators in the forest.

Felix grinned with satisfaction as he surveyed his handiwork. He had successfully executed his wicked scheme. As he walked back into the forest, he chuckled to himself and said, “Ah, what a great plot I’ve hatched!”

And that is how the crossword clue ‘Scheme’ relates to the answer ‘Plot’. It all started with a scheming fox who thought up an elaborate plan to deceive and harm the innocent rabbits.