Sch. with a Big Easy medical center

Sch. with a Big Easy medical center - LSU
Sch. with a Big Easy medical center

Once upon a time, there was a bright young girl named Lily who loved solving puzzles. Her favorite puzzle was the crossword, and she would get excited every time a new one came out in the morning paper.

One day, as she was working on the crossword, she came across a clue that intrigued her. It was “Sch. with a Big Easy medical center” and was five letters long. Lily was from the south, so she immediately thought of New Orleans, but she couldn’t think of any schools with medical centers in the area.

As she sat there contemplating, she remembered a trip her family had taken to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where they had visited Louisiana State University’s Medical Center. LSU was located about an hour’s drive from New Orleans, and Lily had heard many people refer to it as “the Big Easy’s medical center.”

Excitedly, she wrote down “LSU” for the answer, and to her delight, it fit perfectly. She finished the puzzle with a big smile on her face, feeling proud that she had solved the tricky clue.

From that day on, Lily always associated LSU with the Big Easy’s medical center and would smile every time she saw the school’s initials. She continued to solve crosswords every day, but that clue and answer always held a special place in her heart.