Scar line?

Scar line? - ROAR
Scar line?

Sure! Scar line is a bit of a tricky clue, but the answer is quite clever. In this context, ‘scar’ is not referring to a physical wound or injury, but rather to the emotional scars or trauma that can be left after a traumatic experience.

So, with this in mind, we can start to think about what kind of word might fit here. Well, another word that can be associated with trauma and difficult experiences is ‘roar‘. This is because the sound of a loud roar can be scary or overwhelming to some people.

But how does ‘roar’ relate to ‘scar line’? To answer that, we need to think about a different definition of ‘scar line’. In some contexts, ‘scar line’ can refer to the boundary between different types of terrain or habitats. For example, the scar line between a forest and a clearing might be where the trees suddenly stop and the grass begins.

So, with all of this in mind, the answer ‘ROAR‘ makes perfect sense. The loud sound of a roar could be seen as a metaphorical ‘line’ between different emotional states. It’s the boundary between feeling calm and feeling scared, or between feeling safe and feeling threatened.

In summary, the answer to the crossword clue ‘Scar line?‘ is ‘ROAR‘, because it represents the boundary between different emotional states that can be associated with trauma and difficult experiences.