“Same” - DITTO

Once upon a time, in a busy newspaper office, there was a crossword puzzle editor named Jessica. Jessica was known for her creative mind and her ability to come up with challenging yet fun crossword puzzles for her readers. One day, while she was busy going through all the clues of the day’s puzzle, she stumbled upon a clue that read “Same.”

Jessica thought long and hard about what the answer could be. She tried everything from “identical” to “similar,” but none of them fit. Frustrated, she decided to take a break and go grab a cup of coffee to clear her mind.

As she was walking down the hall, she bumped into her dear friend and colleague, Emily. Emily had just finished typing up an article and was about to head back to her desk when Jessica asked for her help with the crossword clue.

Emily thought for a moment and then decided to give Jessica a clue in return. She simply said, “DITTO.” Surprised but intrigued, Jessica went back to her desk to try the new answer.

To her amazement, “DITTO” was the perfect answer to the clue “Same.” Jessica was thrilled and couldn’t believe how clever her friend Emily was in giving her a clue that was synonymous with the word “Same.”

From that day on, Jessica and Emily worked together every day to come up with the most challenging and creative crossword puzzles. And whenever Jessica came across a clue that stumped her, Emily was always there to lend a helping hand with her clever and quirky mind.