“Same ___”

“Same ___” - HERE
"Same ___"

As a detective, the first thing that comes to my mind is to consider the context and the clues provided in the crossword puzzle. In this case, the clue “Same ___” provides us with a small but crucial piece of information. The blank in the clue indicates that there is a word of unknown length that we need to fill in to complete the phrase.

Since the clue does not provide us with much information regarding the word, we need to think outside the box and examine other clues in the puzzle. While going through the puzzle, I realize that there are some intersecting clues such as “I ___ you one” and “Be right ___”. These clues hint that the solution to the “Same ___” might be a three-letter word that ends with the letter “E”.

This insight leads me to consider different three-letter words that end with the letter “E”, such as “are” or “bye”. However, neither seems like a good fit for the given phrase. But then it hit me – the word “here” is the perfect fit! It’s a common phrase used to indicate agreement or confirmation and also fits the “ends with E” criterion.

In conclusion, as a detective, I relied on my analytical skills to evaluate the evidence, identify patterns and narrow down the possibilities to arrive at the answer. Through careful examination of the other clues and a bit of creative thinking, the solution to the mystery of the crossword clue “Same ___” was revealed to us – it’s “here”!