Ruler divs.

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Ruler divs.

Once upon a time, in a far-off land, there was a great ruler who ruled over his kingdom with an iron fist. The ruler was known to be very strict and demanded precision in everything.

One day, the ruler walked into his throne room and found his court jester trying to solve a crossword puzzle. The jester was stuck on a clue: “Ruler divs.” The ruler, being a stickler for accuracy, was intrigued by the puzzle and wanted to help his jester solve it.

The ruler quickly deduced the answer to the clue was “CMS.” A look of confusion crossed the jester’s face. The ruler explained that CMS stood for “Content Management System,” which was used by rulers and leaders of many other kingdoms to manage their websites and content.

The jester was amazed at how smart the ruler was and thanked him for his help. From that day on, the ruler used his knowledge of CMS to help other people in his kingdom manage their content and improve their lives using the latest web technologies. And the jester never forgot that the ruler was not only strict but also very helpful and wise.