Stumped by ‘Ruin’ Crossword Clue? Discover the Answer Here!

Stumped by ‘Ruin’ Crossword Clue? Discover the Answer Here! - DOIN

Once upon a time, there was a young inventor named Eric who loved crossword puzzles. Every day, he would spend hours solving puzzles and coming up with clever clues of his own.

One day, while working on a particularly difficult puzzle, he came across the clue “destroy” with five letters. He immediately thought of the word “ruin,” but there was a problem – the letters he had already filled in didn’t quite match up.

Frustrated but determined, Eric kept trying different combinations until he had an epiphany. What if “ruin” was spelled with a “d”? And what if that “d” was capitalized to make it stand out even more?

Excitedly, Eric filled in the letters for his new answer: DOIN. It wasn’t a word he had ever seen before, but it fit the puzzle perfectly.

But why did “doin” mean “ruin”? Eric thought about it for a moment and then realized – when you’re “doin” something, you’re in the middle of it. It’s not finished yet. And so, if you’re “doin” something and it gets ruined, well, that’s just the natural consequence.

From that day on, Eric always chuckled when he saw the clue “ruin” in a crossword puzzle. It reminded him of his moment of inspiration and the creative way he had solved the puzzle. And who knows – maybe one day “doin” will become a more common way to describe something in process.