Rolls up, as pant legs

Rolls up, as pant legs - CUFFS
Rolls up, as pant legs

Once upon a time, there was a fashion-conscious fox named Felix. He loved wearing his pants slightly above his ankles, but every time he walked through the forest, his trousers would get caught on thorn bushes, making him look silly.

One day, while he was complaining to his friends, a wise owl appeared and advised him to roll up his pant legs and secure them with cuffs. Felix did as he was told, and his pants stayed in place and looked stylish too.

Excited about his new look, Felix decided to share his newfound knowledge with the other animals in the forest. He created a crossword puzzle with the clue, “Rolls up, as pant legs” and the answer “CUFFS“. It was a hit, and soon all the animals were wearing cuffs to keep their pant legs in place while they roamed through the forest.

From then on, Felix became the most fashionable animal in the forest, and his crossword puzzles continued to inspire his friends and spread sartorial knowledge throughout the land.