Road trip expense

Road trip expense - GAS
Road trip expense

Have you ever been on a road trip with your family or friends? It’s an adventure like no other! You pack the car with all your essentials, snacks, and drinks, and off you go. But have you ever wondered what keeps the car moving, what keeps the engine running smoothly? It’s GAS!

Imagine that you and your friends are on a road trip from New York to California. You have planned everything, booked hotels, and made a list of scenic spots and attractions to visit. But just a few hours into the journey, you notice that the fuel gauge is on empty.

You pull up to a gas station and, as you step out of the car, you notice a crossword puzzle book next to the gas pump. You pick it up and start browsing. Suddenly, you see a clue that reads “Road trip expense.” And it hits you! The answer is GAS!

Without gas, you wouldn’t be able to keep driving, and your road trip dream would come to a screeching halt. You fill up the tank, pay for the gas, and get back on the road. From now on, every time you see a gas station, you’ll think of this crossword puzzle clue and be reminded of the importance of filling up the tank, especially during a road trip.