After Hours Mistake? Solve This Crossword Clue Return

After Hours Mistake? Solve This Crossword Clue Return - SNEAKIN
Return after curfew, say

Once upon a time in a quiet suburb, a mischievous teenager named Tyler decided to sneak out of his house after curfew. He had promised his parents that he would be home by 11 PM, but he wanted to spend just a little more time with his friends. So, he carefully tiptoed out of his room, being careful not to wake anyone up.

But as he was walking towards the door, he heard a loud creaking noise. It was the sound of the old floorboards that he had forgotten were there. Tyler froze in fear as he thought he had been caught. But as he waited in silence, he realized that nobody had woken up. Relieved, he made his way out of the house and met up with his friends.

Hours later, as Tyler made his way back home, he knew he was in trouble. He had broken his promise and come home after curfew. But he had a plan. He decided to sneak back into the house without waking anyone up.

Tyler carefully climbed up the tree outside his window and slid inside his room. He breathed a sigh of relief as he had successfully pulled off his plan. The next morning, his parents were none the wiser, and he had gotten away with his mischievous little adventure.

And that is the story of how returning after curfew can sometimes involve a little bit of sneaking around, just like the answer to the crossword clue SNEAKIN.