Result of burnout?

Result of burnout? - ASH
Result of burnout?

Once upon a time, there was a diligent employee named Jack who worked tirelessly day and night to meet the deadlines. He was always the first one to arrive and last to leave the office, seldom taking breaks or even a day off. His dedication was commendable, and his work was always of top-notch quality.

However, after months of working relentlessly without any breaks, Jack began to feel exhausted and stressed out. His health started to decline, he was losing sleep and becoming forgetful. Soon, he had burnt out and was unable to perform even the most basic tasks.

One day, a colleague found Jack slumped over his desk, and an empty coffee cup beside him. The colleague realized that burnout had finally taken its toll and the only thing left of Jack was ash. The clue to this sudden and tragic end was ‘Result of burnout?‘ which could only be answered by ‘ASH‘.

This tragic incident served as a lesson for everyone in the office, and they began to prioritize self-care and breaks to prevent burnout from taking over. As for Jack, his memory lives on in the form of his ashes, a stark reminder to always prioritize our well-being.