Restless - ANTSY

Long ago, in a bustling ant colony, there lived an ant named Antony. Antony was always on the move, constantly bustling about and never sitting still for a moment. His fellow ants admired his energy, but sometimes found him a little hard to keep up with.

One day, as they were all working on constructing a new section of the colony, Antony’s friends noticed that he seemed particularly fidgety. He kept shifting his weight from leg to leg and couldn’t seem to focus on the task at hand. Concerned, they asked him what was wrong.

“I just can’t seem to settle down,” said Antony. “I’m feeling so restless today!”

And from that day forward, whenever any of the ants saw someone who couldn’t sit still or seemed particularly agitated, they would say “You’re like Antony! You’re so antsy!” And soon, the word had caught on throughout the entire colony.

So whenever you come across the crossword clue “restless,” now you know that the answer is “antsy” because of one particularly energetic ant who just couldn’t stay still.