Regarding - ASTO

Certainly! ‘ASTO‘ is a commonly used word in crossword puzzles and can be found in various forms of puzzles. This word is a short form of the phrase “as to” which means “with reference to” or “in regards to.” ‘ASTO‘ is typically used to introduce a particular topic or subject and is followed by a related word or phrase. For example, in a sentence, “As to the matter at hand, we should proceed with caution.” The phrase ‘as to’ is used to introduce the topic of the matter in question.

In crossword puzzles, ‘ASTO‘ is often used as a connecting word between the clue and the answer. It signifies that the answer relates to or is associated with the clue mentioned. For instance, if the crossword clue is “with reference to a book,” then the answer could be “ASTOTHEPAGES,” indicating that the answer is related to the pages of a book.

In conclusion, ‘ASTO‘ is a commonly used crossword word that signifies a reference or connection between the clue and the answer. Its meaning is “with reference to,” “in regards to,” or “as to,” and it is used to introduce a particular topic or subject.