Refined - URBANE

As a detective solving the mystery of the crossword clue “refined“, my first thought was to look for synonyms that matched the number of letters in the clue. After a quick scan through my mental thesaurus, I came up with words such as polished, elegant, and cultured. However, none of these words fit with any of the intersecting letters in the crossword puzzle. I then made a mental note to look for words that might end with the letter “e” or “n”.

As I continued to ponder the clue, the word “urbane” suddenly popped into my head. “Urbane” fit perfectly with the intersecting letters, and it also described someone who is sophisticated and refined in their behavior and manners. I was confident that this was the answer we were looking for.

Finally, I checked the dictionary definition of “urbane” to confirm that it fit with the clue. Sure enough, the definition of urbane is “suave, courteous, and refined in manner“. I was satisfied with my detective work and excited to solve the rest of the crossword puzzle.