Refer (to)

Refer (to) - ALLUDE
Refer (to)

Once upon a time, there was a group of friends who loved to solve crossword puzzles together. One day, they came across a clue that said “Refer (to)“. They pondered and thought about what the answer could be. Suddenly, one of their friends exclaimed, “I got it! The answer must be ALLUDE!”

Everyone looked at her in confusion. She explained that to allude to something means to refer to it indirectly. It’s like leaving a little clue or hint about it, without stating it outright. Just like how the crossword clue “Refer (to)” was a small reference to the answer “ALLUDE”, without actually saying it straight up.

Everyone was amazed by her clever answer, and they continued to work together to solve the rest of the crossword. From that day on, they always remembered the connection between the clue “Refer (to)” and the answer “ALLUDE“, and they used it to help them solve many more puzzles in the future.