R&B’s LaBelle

R&B’s LaBelle - PATTI
R&B's LaBelle

As a detective, the first step in solving the mystery of crossword clues is to understand the clues themselves. ‘R&B’s LaBelle‘ is a clue that appears to be referencing a female R&B artist or band, which can help in narrowing down the possible answers. LaBelle could be a surname or the name of a band, which I needed to confirm.

Knowing that R&B music is a genre that originated in the United States, I narrowed my search to American artists who have been around for decades. I considered legendary names such as Chaka Khan, Diana Ross, and Gladys Knight, but quickly realized that none of them have the same last name as the given clue.

In the end, it was the power of deduction and contextual clues that led me to the answer. After some rigorous brainstorming, it dawned on me that the answer had to be none other than ‘PATTI LaBelle‘. Indeed, Patti LaBelle is a legendary American R&B singer known for her iconic vocal range and hit records such as ‘On My Own’ and ‘Lady Marmalade’. It was a captivating journey of puzzle-solving and connecting dots, but in the end, the answer was found.