“Rats!” - DARN

Sure, I’d be happy to help you out with that! As an expert in the field of crossword clues, I can tell you that the answer to “Rats!” is likely to be the word “DARN“.

Now, you might be wondering why “DARN” is the correct answer to this crossword clue. Well, “Rats!” is an expression of frustration or disappointment, and “DARN” is a mild expletive that is used in a similar way. It’s a way to express annoyance or disappointment without using more offensive language.

To be more specific, “DARN” is a verb that means to mend a hole or tear in fabric with a needle and thread. This meaning comes from the original use of the word, which referred to the act of repairing socks or other clothing by darning them. Over time, the word “darn” came to be used more broadly as a verb meaning to repair or mend something in general.

In modern usage, “DARN” is often used as an exclamation of frustration or annoyance, as in “Darn it! I can’t find my keys!” or “Darn, I just missed the bus!” This makes it a good fit for the crossword clue “Rats!”, which is a similar expression of disappointment.

So, in summary, “DARN” is a word that is used to express frustration or annoyance, and it’s often used as a milder alternative to more offensive language. In the context of a crossword clue like “Rats!”, it’s a likely answer because it’s a similar expression that fits the pattern of the clue.