Stuck on ‘Quiet!’ clue? Check out this crossword answer

Stuck on ‘Quiet!’ clue? Check out this crossword answer - SHH

Once upon a time, there was a classroom full of chatty students who were excited for the day’s lesson. Their teacher had just handed out a crossword puzzle as an activity to start the class, and the students immediately got to work.

One particular clue on the puzzle was “Quiet!”, and the students struggled to figure out what the four-letter answer could be. They whispered to each other, guessing at different words, but none of them seemed to fit the clues that intersected with it.

Just when they were starting to get frustrated, a small mouse suddenly scurried across the classroom floor. The students froze, unsure what to do, but the teacher quickly hushed them with a stern “Shh!” as she gently caught the mouse in her hands and released it outside.

The students were amazed at how quickly and effectively the teacher had quieted them down, and they all filled in the answer “SHH” on the crossword puzzle with a newfound appreciation for the power of a simple “Shh!