Stuck on ‘Put On’ Crossword Clue? Here’s the Answer!

Stuck on ‘Put On’ Crossword Clue? Here’s the Answer! - DON
Put on

Okay, let me explain the term ‘DON‘ to you in the context of the crossword clue ‘Put on‘. ‘DON‘ is a verb that means to put on, dress in or assume. Often, ‘DON‘ is used to refer to the act of wearing a specific item of clothing such as a hat, coat, or a pair of shoes.

For example, you may ‘DON‘ a suit for a formal event, a costume for a play, or even gloves and a mask for protection during a pandemic. In this way, ‘DON‘ is commonly used to describe the act of putting on clothing or accessories with a specific purpose in mind.

It’s worth noting that ‘DON‘ is also used in some phrases and idioms such as ‘DON your thinking cap’ which means to put on your thinking hat since this phrase is often used to encourage someone to engage in problem-solving.

Overall, when you see the clue ‘Put on‘ in a crossword puzzle, ‘DON‘ is a solid option to go for because it is a versatile word that can refer to various forms of dressing up and assuming a new identity.