Psychologically manipulated, in a way

Psychologically manipulated, in a way - GASLIT
Psychologically manipulated, in a way

Once upon a time, there was a young woman named Jane who had just started dating a charming man named Tom. At first, everything was wonderful, but as time went on, Tom started to become controlling and manipulative. He would often tell Jane that she was wrong or crazy, even when she knew she was right. He would also make her doubt her own thoughts and feelings, making her feel confused and helpless.

One day, Jane confided in her friend Sarah about how Tom’s behavior was affecting her. Sarah listened carefully and then explained to Jane what was happening. She told her that Tom was “gaslighting” her, which meant manipulating her psychologically by making her question her own sanity.

Jane was shocked and didn’t understand how someone could do something like that to another person. Sarah explained that gaslighting was a common tactic used by abusers to gain power and control over their victims.

With Sarah’s help, Jane was able to recognize the signs of gaslighting and start to take steps to protect herself. She ended her relationship with Tom and sought counseling to heal from the emotional damage he had caused.

From that point on, Jane made it her mission to spread awareness about gaslighting and help other people recognize when they were being psychologically manipulated. She even started a support group for survivors of emotional abuse that offered resources and a safe space to share their stories.

And that, my friends, is how the crossword clue “psychologically manipulated, in a way” is connected to its answer, “gaslit.” It’s a term that has real-world implications and consequences for those who experience it.