Stuck on ‘Provisos’ clue? Unveiling the answer in our crossword guide

Stuck on ‘Provisos’ clue? Unveiling the answer in our crossword guide - IFS

Once upon a time, there was a king who was known for his love of puzzles and brain teasers. One day, in order to challenge his subjects, he created a crossword puzzle that included a particularly tricky clue: “Provisos.”

Many of the kingdom’s smartest minds attempted to solve the puzzle, but none could figure out what the answer could be. As the weeks passed, people started to give up on the puzzle entirely.

One day, a clever farmer from a far-off corner of the kingdom arrived at the royal castle. He was known for his problem-solving skills, and he was eager to take on the king’s crossword puzzle.

As he worked through the clues, he stumbled upon the one that had stumped everyone else: “Provisos.” He thought long and hard, and finally, it clicked.

“The answer,” he said, “is IFS!”

Everyone was amazed. How had the farmer figured it out when so many others had failed? The farmer explained that in his line of work, he always had to deal with “ifs“: if there was a drought, if there was a flood, if the crop yields were high or low.

Provisos,” he said, “are just a fancy way of saying ‘ifs,’ and that’s why the answer to the crossword clue is IFS!”

The king was impressed by the farmer’s cleverness, and he declared him the winner of the puzzle. From then on, whenever people in the kingdom saw the word “provisos,” they thought of the farmer who had cracked the code and the simple word that held the answer.