Provider of a broad world view

Provider of a broad world view - ATLAS
Provider of a broad world view

ATLAS is the perfect answer to the crossword clue ‘Provider of a broad world view’. Essentially, an ATLAS is a collection of maps and charts that provide a comprehensive and detailed view of the entire world. It can include physical maps, political maps, cultural maps, and even thematic maps that highlight different aspects of the world.

In essence, an ATLAS is the ultimate tool for anyone seeking a broad world view. By flipping through its pages, one can gain an overview of the entire globe, as well as insights into the geographical and cultural characteristics that define different regions. It enables readers to contextualize their own experiences and gain a richer understanding of the world at large.

At a closer level, an Atlas can provide details about different nations, cities, or even particular landmarks. It is a valuable resource for anyone requiring reference material for geography or history, as it can provide essential data or interesting trivia. Beyond just the physical landscape, it can reveal details of people’s lifestyles, economies, climates, and the like.

Overall, an ATLAS is an ideal provider of a broad world view. It can tell stories beyond just what can be seen, it can display information that can be interesting, and it offers a vast wealth of knowledge that can be endlessly useful to anyone.