“Proud Mary” band, in brief

“Proud Mary” band, in brief - CCR
"Proud Mary" band, in brief

Once upon a time in the small town of Clearwater, there was a young boy named Charlie. Charlie wasn’t like the other kids in town. He had a passion for music and would spend all his time listening to the radio and practicing his guitar. One day, while listening to the local station, he heard a song that stopped him in his tracks. It was “Proud Mary” by CCR. Charlie was hooked.

From that day on, he dedicated himself to learning everything he could about CCR. He read every article and listened to every record. He even managed to sneak into a concert they were playing across the state.

Years went by and Charlie never lost his love for CCR. He moved to the big city and started playing in his own band. One day, he entered a crossword puzzle competition and was stumped on a clue. It read: “Proud Mary” band, in brief. Charlie closed his eyes and thought back to that day in Clearwater when he first heard the song that changed his life. And suddenly, it hit him. The answer was CCR!

Charlie smiled to himself as he filled in the answer. It was more than just solving a clue. It was a reminder of where his love of music began and the band that inspired him to follow his dreams.