Pronoun that sounds like its last letter

Pronoun that sounds like its last letter - YOU
Pronoun that sounds like its last letter

Once upon a time, a word named YOU lived in the land of Grammar. You was a proud and confident word who loved to be used by people everywhere. One day, You heard a strange crossword clue being whispered throughout the land. “Pronoun that sounds like its last letter,” it said. You was confused. How could a pronoun sound like a last letter?

Determined to solve the puzzle, You set out on a journey to find the answer. Along the way, You met many other words who tried to help. But nobody could figure out what the answer could be.

As You was about to give up, it heard a group of children playing nearby. They were playing a game that involved spelling words out loud. One child pointed to the letter U and said, “This letter makes the ‘you’ sound!” And just like that, You had its answer.

Amazed at how easy the answer had been all along, You headed back to the crossword puzzle and filled in the answer: YOU. From then on, You was grateful for the help of the children and never underestimated the power of a single letter again.