Unlock the Secret: Informal Ways to Promote Revealed

Unlock the Secret: Informal Ways to Promote Revealed - REPS
Promotes, informally

Once upon a time, there was a gym named FitZone that was running a promotion to attract more customers. The staff were brainstorming ideas when one of them suggested, “Why don’t we have our members promote our gym to their friends and family?

The manager loved the idea and decided to create a program where members who referred others to the gym would receive a discount on their membership. But they needed a catchy term to refer to this promotion. One of the staff members then chimed in and said, “Let’s call it ‘reps for reps’! Just like how we do reps for our muscles, we can do reps for our referrals!

The idea was a hit and soon, members started spreading the word about FitZone to their loved ones, earning themselves discounted memberships in the process. And thus, the term “reps” became informally synonymous with “promoting” in the gym world. Crossword enthusiasts would later stumble upon this connection, adding it as a clue for the answer “REPS.”