Procedure fee

Procedure fee - COPAY
Procedure fee

Once upon a time, there was a man named Tom who visited his doctor regularly. He didn’t mind going to the doctor but he always dreaded the process of paying for it. One day, he went to the doctor’s office as usual and the receptionist handed him a crossword puzzle while he was waiting. He started solving it and got stuck on one clue, “Procedure fee“.

Tom was lost in thought when the doctor called him in. During the examination, the doctor explained to Tom that he needed to have a minor procedure done, which would cost $200. Tom was taken aback by the price but he remembered the crossword puzzle and the clue “Procedure fee”. Suddenly, it hit him – the answer must be “COPAY“!

Tom realized that his insurance plan required him to pay a small portion of the procedure fee upfront, which is what a copayment or “copay” is. He happily handed over the copay amount and underwent the procedure without any worries or stress.

From that day on, Tom never forgot the answer to the crossword clue and always remembered to bring his copay amount for his doctor’s appointments. The crossword puzzle turned out to be educational and practical for Tom, providing him with a valuable lesson about healthcare costs.